New Solar Project to Expand Farmland Partners’ Renewable Energy Portfolio, Increase Revenue

August 24, 2022

Farmland Partners Inc. (NYSE: FPI) (the “Company” or “FPI”) today announced it received notice that a renewable energy tenant plans to begin construction of a new solar power project in Clark County, Illinois, by the end of the month.

The development, which extends across six FPI properties spanning 1,542 acres, will generate increased rental income for the Company and expand its growing renewable energy portfolio.

The tenant will pay rents that are nearly 50% higher than current farm rents once construction is completed and will make payments above that higher level during the expected 12-month construction period.

“While working with farmers and supporting their efforts to responsibly feed the world remains our primary mission, we also recognize that investing in renewable energy benefits the environment and provides attractive returns to our shareholders,” said FPI Chairman and CEO Paul Pittman.

FPI’s renewable power portfolio currently has the capacity to produce more than 110 megawatts of electricity, across three operational wind projects and five solar projects. For perspective, that’s enough electricity to power 20,900 U.S. homes, according to methodology used by the Solar Energy Industries Association. The planned Clark County development will add additional generation capacity.

While solar projects replace farm rents entirely, wind projects supplement existing farm rents because agricultural production can continue around wind turbines. The chart below provides an overview of the Company’s energy portfolio, including expected revenue from the new solar project once it is operational.


Energy Type






Total Acres


Avg. Energy


Avg. Increase
Over Farm
Rent Alone





























*Wind leases are in addition to farm leases, as farms can continue agricultural production.

“Including the Clark County project, energy tenants account for nearly $1.5 million in revenue a year,” Pittman explained. “Given the long-term nature of solar and wind leases – ranging from 15 to 40 years – these projects reduce risk for the Company and provide long-term inflation protection.”

FPI also has more than 13,700 additional acres of renewable energy projects under option or at various stages of development and planning. Option payments generate, on average, $45 per acre in additional annual income above farm rents.

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